How To Watch The 2023 US Open Online From Anywhere

With 2022 already behind us, it’s soon time for this year’s exciting US Open. The top tennis players from around the world will be competing against each other in the final Grand Slam tournament of the year. Fans from everywhere will be on the edge of their seats waiting to see who makes it to the final and even if you’re not usually a tennis fan, you still won’t want to miss out on this action-packed tournament. 

As with many other live events, the US Open is only being broadcasted by a select few networks, most of which are based in the US. If you live in any other country then you may struggle to find a channel that is live streaming this event. Due to licensing agreements, channels within the US that are broadcasting the US Open are forced to impose geo-restrictions. This means that viewers from outside the US will be blocked from watching the event online or will be forced to pay for a local streaming subscription.

Thanks to VPNs, however, you won’t ever have to miss out on watching events such as the US Open live. A VPN will hide your IP address so you’ll have unrestricted access to any channel in the world, including those broadcasting the US Open. We like NordVPN!

Keep Reading to Find Out More About How You Can use a VPN to Watch The US Open Online From Anywhere. 

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“I came here willingly. I came here to test myself against the best players in the world.” – Naomi Osaka 

How To Watch The US Open From Anywhere 2021

Setting up a VPN isn’t as daunting as it may seem. Just follow this quick guide and before you know it you’ll be sitting back to watch the 2021 US Open matches! 

  1. Get A VPN – Further in the article we discuss how to decide which VPN is best for streaming the US Open. We also do not recommend that you use a free VPN as these are generally less reliable when it comes to streaming geo-blocked content. 
  2. Download & Install Software – On whichever device(s) you want to stream from, simply download and install the VPN software. After that’s done you just need to open up the client or app and you’ll see a list of available servers. 
  3. Connect To A Server – For the US Open, it’s best to connect to a US-based server as you’ll have many more channels to choose from. Alternatively, we have a list below of other channels broadcasting the event.
  4. Start Streaming – Now you’re all set! You just need to head back to whichever channel you want to stream from and you’ll be able to watch the US Open online from anywhere in the world!

Channels Broadcasting The 2021 US Open 

  • TSN – Canada 
  • RTS – Switzerland 
  • Sky Sports, Amazon Prime Video – UK
  • ESPN, YouTube TV, FuboTV, Sling TV – USA

Why Should I Use A VPN To Watch The US Open Online? 

Since there are only a select few networks that have the rights to broadcast the 2023 US Open, many fans will struggle to find an available channel that doesn’t restrict their access. Geo-blocking is incredibly common, especially when it comes to live sporting events. In certain countries, you may not find a single local channel so you would be forced to miss out on watching the matches live. 

With a VPN, you don’t have to worry about geo-blocking. A VPN will hide your IP address and replace it so that you appear to be in a different location. Websites won’t be able to restrict your access to their content as they will no longer be able to detect where you actually are. You’ll be completely spoilt for choice as without geo-restrictions you’ll be able to stream from any channel in the world. 

When it comes to the US Open, the majority of channels that have broadcasting rights are based in the US and won’t be available to anyone outside the country (apart from those using a VPN!) When you connect to a US server you’ll have access to their top channels such as ESPN, FuboTV, and Sling TV, all of which will be live-streaming the US Open. You can watch every single match from the qualifiers all the way to the highly anticipated final. Without a VPN, you would seriously struggle to find a local channel outside the US that is broadcasting every thrilling moment of the tournament. This goes for any sport! Whether that is Formula 1, the Premier League, or even the Olympics. With a VPN you can be live streaming all the action and won’t have to miss a single second of the excitement, no matter which country you’re watching from!

How Do I Decide Which VPN To Choose? 

Choosing the right VPN can be difficult as each provider offers different features at various prices. When it comes to streaming geo-blocked content such as the US Open,  there are certain criteria that a VPN needs to meet in order to give viewers the best possible streaming experience.

Here is a list of criteria that you need to look out for when deciding which VPN to choose for watching the US Open from anywhere. 

Large Server Network – You need plenty of servers to choose from in case any of them run into issues or are blocked by your desired channel. More servers also mean that each individual one will less likely be overloaded with users. Ideally, these servers are scattered across the world so no matter which channel you want to access, you’ll always have a local server to connect to. 

Consistent Server Speeds – If you want flawless streams with no lag or buffering then you need a VPN that offers both fast and consistent server speeds. This is especially important for those planning to stream the US Open and other live events as they will normally be broadcasted at peak times which means bandwidth throttling can be present. When your IP address is hidden by your VPN then your ISP can’t track your online activity and won’t see that you’re streaming. ISPs usually throttle the bandwidth of users who stream as this action uses up a larger amount of data compared to other online activities. With a reliable VPN, you can avoid bandwidth throttling altogether. 

Multiple Connections – If you’re a part of a large household or you just want to stream from several devices at once then you need to make sure that your chosen VPN supports multiple simultaneous connections. It’s also a good idea to check that your preferred device is supported by your VPN provider. All major operating systems such as Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android are usually supported by all premium VPNs.

Strong Security – Military-grade encryption is an absolute must, especially if you’re planning to stream the US Open from an unfamiliar website. There are all sorts of threats that are lurking online such as hackers and malware. So, you are best to stay as protected as possible. Most VPN providers also offer various other protocols such as a kill switch or DNS leak protection that act as an extra blanket of security. 

No-Logs Policy – Although it’s not strictly necessary to watch the US Open, using a VPN that has solid privacy policies will help keep your mind at ease. A no-logs policy is a fantastic bonus as it means that your provider will not monitor or collect any of your sensitive information. Your online activity can never be traced back to you so you can use the internet truly anonymously. No matter what you use your VPN for, we highly suggest that you always opt for a provider that has a strict no-logs policy. 

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee – It’s always good to try before you buy when it comes to VPNs. In this case, you’ll want to know that your VPN bypasses geo-restrictions so you can access your desired channel(s). Most providers do offer a 30-day money-back guarantee or a 7-day free trial. Either of these choices is great because it gives you a chance to try out your VPN before you commit to a long-term subscription package. 

US Open Schedule 

August 24th – 27thQualification Phase
August 30th – 31stFirst Round
September 1st – 2ndSecond Round
September 3rd – 4thThird Round
September 5th – 6thRound of 16
September 7th – 8thQuarter-finals
September 9th – 10thSemi-finals
September 11th – 12thFinals

Don’t miss out on the US Open finals that are taking place between September 11th and 12th!


Why do I need a VPN to watch the US Open online?

You need a VPN to bypass geo-blocking as this would usually prevent you from watching the US Open matches online.

How do I choose a VPN to use to watch the US Open online?

For the best streaming conditions possible, you need a VPN that has a large server network, fast connection speeds, secure encryption, and supports multiple simultaneous connections.

What channels can I stream the US Open from?

TSN (Canada), RTS (Switzerland), Sky Sports, Amazon Prime Video (UK), YouTube TV, FuboTV, Sling TV (USA) are channels that are broadcasting all of the US Open matches.

Is it illegal to use a VPN to watch the US Open online?

No! It’s not illegal to use a VPN to stream the US Open or any other sporting event. However, some websites may try to ban you from accessing their content if they can detect that you are using a VPN.

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