How To Watch UFC Fight Night From Anywhere

Fight nights are always brimming with excitement and suspense as the world’s best fighters come together to battle for victory. Millions of fans everywhere will be eager to see who comes out on top and no one will want to miss a single moment of the action.

One of the best parts of watching an intense sporting event such as Fight Night is being able to stream it live and watch the action unfold with everyone else. After all, you don’t want to have to wait to watch the fights days later while already knowing the results. Instead, you’ll want to stream it live with the rest of the world as you’re all on the edge of your seats waiting to see who will be victorious. 

This can be easier said than done, especially if there are no networks in your country broadcasting the event. If you want to watch UFC Fight Night online from anywhere then you’ll definitely need a VPN. With a VPN it doesn’t matter where in the world you are and you can access any channel you like without needing to worry about geo-restrictions. This also means you can avoid paying for a streaming subscription or PPV as with a VPN you can stream from any free-to-view channel that is broadcasting the fights. We suggest you NordVPN!

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How To Watch UFC Fight Night From Anywhere 2021

To find out more information and see the latest highlights visit the official UFC website!

“My brother, who created the UFC, had a vision. He knew that people wanted to see who was the best fighter. People have curiosity, what style was the best? Boxing, wrestling, Gracie jiujitsu? It was a quest to find out.” – Royce Gracie

How To Watch UFC Fight Night From Anywhere Guide

Follow this quick guide to easily set up a VPN to watch UFC Fight Night online from any channel you want!

  • Find a VPN – You should make sure that your chosen VPN has plenty of worldwide servers available in addition to fast and consistent server speeds to ensure that you have the best possible streaming experience. We like NordVPN.
  • Install software & open app/client – After you’ve chosen a VPN you need to download and install any necessary software on your device(s) before opening up the app/client.
  • Select a server – Decide on which channel you want to stream from (check our list below) and then connect to a server that is within the channel’s approved broadcasting area. (Your real IP address will now be hidden from any website you visit!) 
  • Start streaming UFC Fight Night – Now you just need to navigate to the channel and you’ll be able to get straight to watching the UFC Fight Night from anywhere!

Where To Watch UFC Fight Night

  • ESPN – USA
  • BT Sport – UK
  • (free) – The Netherlands
  • TSN – Canada 
  • DAZN – Germany

Why Do I Need A VPN To Watch UFC Fight Night?

Similar to most other live events, UFC Fight Night can only be streamed in certain countries due to geo-blocking. Networks who gain the rights to broadcast UFC Fight Night will often have to adhere to licensing agreements that state that they cannot stream the event from outside of their respective country. This can be a massive pain for those who find that there are no available networks in their country streaming UFC Fight Night. Viewers are often forced to miss out on watching the event live or have to pay for either an expensive streaming subscription or PPV. 

This is where VPNs come in. A VPN can bypass geo-restrictions by masking a user’s IP address and replacing it with a local one. You can connect to any VPN server in the world to gain access to any of the country’s networks. Normally, websites and channels can identify where you are located and will block your access accordingly. However, with a VPN these websites cannot see your real location so you won’t be prevented from accessing any of their content, geo-blocked or not. 

With a VPN, you are completely spoiled with choice. You can stream from absolutely any channel in the world and this includes those that are broadcasting UFC Fight Night for free! You can say goodbye to PPV and streaming subscriptions as with a VPN, you’ll always be able to access free-to-view channels. 

This works with any event (live or on-demand) and not just UFC Fight Night. If you’re a footie fan then you can watch any football event including the Premier League, Spanish La Liga, or German Bundesliga! You can also watch all the Olympic events and even MotoGP or Formula 1. All these events will have a channel somewhere in the world broadcasting them for free. With a VPN you’ll never have to pay to live stream a sporting event ever again!

UFC Fight Night Schedule 

10th July11:00pmPoirier vs. McGregorT-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, NV
18th July12:00amMakhachev vs. MoisesUFC APEX, Las Vegas, NV
24th July9:00pmSandhagen vs. DillashawUFC APEX, Las Vegas, NV
31st July11:00pmHall vs. StricklandUFC APEX, Las Vegas, NV
7th August11:15pmLewis vs. GaneToyota Center, Houston, TX
22th August12:00amCannonier vs. GastelumUFC APEX, Las Vegas, NV

How To Watch UFC Fight Night From Anywhere 2021

Tune in on July 10th at 11:00 pm to watch the epic fight between Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier! 


Why do I need a VPN to watch UFC Fight Night?

You need a VPN to bypass geo-restrictions and watch UFC Fight Night from anywhere. With a VPN you can even access any channel that is broadcasting the event for free!

Which devices can I watch UFC Fight Night from?

You can stream from any device that is supported by your chosen VPN! Most VPNs support major operating systems such as Windows, Android, iOS & macOS. Some providers even support streaming on consoles and Smart TVs!

Which channels are broadcasting UFC Fight Night?

ESPN (USA), BT Sport (UK), TSN (Canada), & DAZN (Germany) are all broadcasting UFC Fight Night. Additionally, you can stream the event for free from!

Is it illegal to watch UFC Fight Night via VPN?

Nope! It’s completely legal to watch UFC Fight Night using a VPN in most countries.


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