How to watch the Premier League from anywhere 2023

The Premier League is soon set to begin and fans from all around England will be eagerly waiting to support their favorite teams play against each other across 380 thrilling matches. It’s not just the English that is excited to watch the Premier League games though, as football fans around the world will also want to tune in and live stream every match.

Sadly, due to geo-blocking, it’s difficult to stream the Premier League from outside of England. If you’re traveling abroad or live in another country then you may be prevented from accessing the channels that are broadcasting the matches. There’s no need to worry though because a VPN allows footie fans from across the globe to dodge these geo-restrictions and be able to watch the Premier League from anywhere. We can suggest you NordVPN.

Keep Reading to Find Out How to Watch The Premier League Online Using a VPN. 

How to watch the Premier League from anywhere 2021

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“In the Premier League you never really know what is going to happen. There is very little between the teams.”Luis Suarez

How To Watch The Premier League Online Guide

The idea of using a VPN to access geo-blocked content can be daunting but it’s an incredibly straightforward process. Follow this step-by-step guide to easily set up your VPN and watch the Premier League from anywhere.

  • Choose A VPN – The most challenging part is finding the perfect VPN for your needs. Further in this article, we have listed the key criteria that you should be looking out for when making your choice.  
  • Install The Software On Your Device(s) – Once you’ve made your decision you can install the VPN software and open up the client/app.
  • Select A Server – You should see a list of all the available servers. Simply select one from the country that you want to stream from. Your IP address will now be hidden and replaced with a fresh one, spoofing your location. See below for a list of channels broadcasting the Premier League matches and their respective countries.
  • Start Watching The Premier League – Now you can head to any channel that’s broadcasting the Premier League and start enjoying all the live matches!

Where To Watch The Premier League

  • Sky Sports, Now TV, BT Sport – UK
  • DAZN – Canada
  • Optus Sport – Australia
  • Spark Sport – New Zealand 
  • NBC Sports – USA

Why Do I Need A VPN To Watch The Premier League? 

The majority of live events, especially sports, are geo-locked and can only be accessed from specific countries. Geo-blocking is when content is restricted to a certain location and often occurs from licensing agreements. Websites can detect where you’re located from your IP address and if you’re not in a certain country or area then they can restrict your access to their services. 

A VPN lets you spoof your location to trick websites into believing you’re within their respective country. When you connect to a VPN server from any available country, your IP address is concealed and replaced with a new one. This lets you access geo-blocked content from any website, no matter where you’re actually located. With this in mind, you can connect to a UK server to access any region-locked websites such as Sky Sports, BBC iPlayer, and Now TV. 

With a VPN you can watch the Premier League live from official channels, rather than risking shady sources or just having to miss out on the matches. 

This goes for ANY content, live or on-demand. You can use a VPN to stream other sporting events such as the Olympics, Moto GP,  or Formula 1. If you’re also interested in watching the German Bundesliga or Spanish La Liga, then you can connect to a server in these countries to have unrestricted access to any official channel that is broadcasting the matches.

VPNs also protect your sensitive information when you’re browsing the web or streaming from websites. Without a VPN, your data and online activity could easily be exposed to hackers, malware, and other threats. VPNs encrypt your data in a secure tunnel that cannot be intercepted so you can stay safe and protected when online. You’re also able to use the internet completely anonymously without worrying about websites gathering information about you or your data being tracked, monitored, or sold to third parties. This is particularly important if you’re accessing unfamiliar websites or if you often connect to public WiFi networks. 

How Do I Choose Which VPN To Use?

When choosing a VPN to stream geo-blocked content, certain criteria need to be taken into consideration to make sure you have the best possible streaming experience. Here is a list of features to look out for when selecting a VPN to watch the Premier League online.

  • Vast Server Network – You’re going to need plenty of server options if you’re planning to stream geo-blocked content. These servers should be located in various countries so you can easily switch between channels if needed. If you’re planning to stream UK-specific content such as the Premier League, then you need a VPN that has several servers based in the UK since this is where channels will be region locked to. VPNs with larger server networks are a good choice as with more servers available, each one will less likely be overloaded with users.
  • Fast Connection Speeds – Connection speeds are incredibly important for a VPN, especially if you’re planning to stream media. All VPNs slow down a user’s connection speeds slightly as the data has to travel further through the VPN server. However, with some providers, this drop in speed is almost completely unnoticeable. You should opt for a VPN that has both fast and consistent server speeds as this ensures that your streams won’t be interrupted by lag or buffering.
  • No Bandwidth Limit – The last thing you want when streaming is bandwidth caps. Usually free or low-cost VPNs will limit how much data their users can use each month which can be frustrating if you’re planning to stream regularly. Streaming uses up a lot of data and you could find yourself quickly using up your monthly allowance. It’s worth it to spend a little extra for a VPN that has no bandwidth limit so you can stream as much and as often as possible.
  • Secure Encryption – The majority of VPNs use the standard military-grade encryption to protect their users’ data. Different providers also offer other features that add an extra layer of security to ensure that no matter what, their users are not at risk. A kill switch is a helpful additional feature as it automatically stops the user’s connection to the internet if it detects an interruption with the VPN server. If for whatever reason, the server connection stops briefly, your data can be up for grabs by any third parties or hackers. The kill switch ensures that your sensitive information is not exposed for even a second. Additional features such as this separate good VPNs from the best VPNs as extra security protocols can make a huge difference regarding your online protection.
  • No-Logs Policy – This policy lets you know if a VPN provider intends to monitor or share your personal information and shows if the provider respects their user’s privacy or not. A no-logs policy means that your data is never stored by your VPN. You should always opt for a provider that goes by this policy as you don’t want your data or online activity logged or sold to third parties.
  • Flexible Device Compatibility – Depending on which device you want to stream on, you need to check that it’s compatible with your VPN’s software. Providers usually list their support devices on their websites so you can be sure that you’re able to protect and stream from your preferred device(s) before paying for a subscription. Most of the top VPNs are compatible with  Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS, but be sure to check on the provider’s website.
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee – Last but not least, a 30-day money-back guarantee is a great addition to ensure that you are perfectly happy with your chosen VPN before committing to a full subscription package. Many VPNs offer either this or a 7-day free trial, both of which are ideal for you to be able to test the VPN’s features and make sure that they offer exactly what you’re looking for.

Premier League 2023 Schedule 

Friday 13th AugustBrentford v Arsenal
Saturday 14th AugustMan Utd v Leeds
 Burnley v Brighton
 Chelsea v Crystal Palace
 Everton v Southampton
 Leicester v Wolves
 Watford v Aston Villa
 Norwich v Liverpool
Sunday 15th AugustNewcastle v Westham
 Spurs v Man City
Saturday 21st AugustLiverpool v Burnley
 Aston Villa v Newcastle
 Crystal Palace v Brentford
 Leeds v Everton
 Man City v Norwich
 Brighton v Watford
Sunday 22nd AugustSouthampton v Man Utd
 Wolves v Spurs
 Arsenal v Chelsea
Monday 23rd August West Ham v Leicester
Saturday 28th AugustMan City v Arsenal 
 Aston Villa v Brentford
 Brighton v Everton
 Newcastle v Southampton
 Norwich v Leicester
 West Ham v Crystal Palace
 Liverpool v Chelsea
Sunday 29th AugustBurnley v Leeds
 Spurs v Watford
 Wolves v Man Utd

The Premier League takes place between August 13th 2021 and May 22nd 2022!

The Premier League takes place between August 13th, 2021, and May 22nd, 2022!


When does the Premier League begin?

2023 Premier League kicks off on Friday 13th August (Brentford v Arsenal).

Why do I need a VPN to watch the Premier League?

A VPN lets you access any geo-restricted content such as the Premier League that would otherwise be unavailable outside a select few countries. Without a VPN, you may not be able to live stream any matches if you’re traveling outside the UK or live abroad.

How do I choose which VPN to use?

You should opt for a VPN that has fast connection speeds, a vast server network, unlimited bandwidth, strong encryption, a no-logs policy, and is compatible with your preferred device(s).

Where can I stream the Premier League from?

Sky Sports, Now TV, BT Sport (UK), DAZN (Canada), Optus Sport (Australia), Spark Sport (New Zealand) & NBC Sports (USA) are all channels that are broadcasting the Premier League.

Which devices can I stream from via VPN?

Most VPNs are compatible with operating systems such as Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Linux. Some VPN providers also support Smart TVs and consoles.

Is it illegal to watch the Premier League online using a VPN?

Nope! Unless you are taking part in any illegal activities (such as torrenting), the use of a VPN is completely legal in most countries.

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