How to Watch the Spanish La Liga From Anywhere

The run-up to La Liga 2022-2023 has finally begun with the opening weekend commencing from August 15th. It is set to be another exciting year of Spanish football and fans from around the world will be eagerly watching 20 teams compete for the championship title.

Although La Liga is being broadcast by channels in various countries, many of these channels are geo-restricted and can only be accessed from within their respective region. This means that some fans may find that, due to their location, they are unable to stream La Liga matches. Fortunately, a VPN can dodge geo-restrictions so viewers can watch La Liga online from any channel in the world. VPNs are a brilliant and low-cost solution that ensures fans of any sport won’t have to miss out on watching matches or races live. We like NordVPN!

Here We Explain How a VPN Can be Used to Watch The Spanish La Liga From Anywhere.


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“I think La Liga is the best league in the world.”Gareth Bale

How To Watch The Spanish La Liga From Anywhere Guide

If you want to bypass any geo-restrictions so you can watch La Liga matches from anywhere in the world, then simply follow this easy step-by-step guide.

  • Choose a VPN – The best VPN for streaming geo-blocked content will offer fast connection speeds, robust security, and plenty of global servers to choose from. Below we have listed all the features you should look out for when deciding on a VPN.
  • Download Software & Open App Or Client – Once you’ve decided on a VPN, you can download the necessary software on your device(s) before familiarizing yourself with the client/app.
  • Select A Server – Below we have listed some channels broadcasting La Liga along with their respective countries. You need to select a server from the country that you want to stream from. For example, if you want to stream La Liga from Sky Sports, then you need to select a UK-based server.
  • Enjoy Streaming La Liga – After a server has been selected head to the appropriate channel and you’ll have unrestricted access to all their geo-blocked content, including live streams of the La Liga matches.

Where To Watch The Spanish La Liga

  • Sky Sports – UK
  • BeIN Sport – USA, Australia, New Zealand
  • FuboTV – Canada
  • TDN – Mexico
  • DirecTV Sports – Argentina

How Do I Live Stream La Liga From Anywhere?

The Spanish La Liga is popular in countries across the globe and not only in Spain itself. Many countries have their own channels broadcasting the matches and offering commentary on the thrilling events. Sadly, many of these channels are geo-blocked, meaning that they can only be accessed from within their respective country. Your IP address, which pinpoints your exact location, can be seen by any website or channel you access online, meaning that they can easily identify which country you’re reaching their services from. You will be prevented from accessing geo-blocked content if your IP address isn’t located within that specific country.

This can be frustrating for many viewers who may find that their country has no channels broadcasting La Liga. Worry not though, with a VPN you can access any geo-blocked content, no matter where you are located. VPNs mask your real IP address and replace it with a new one, tricking websites and channels into believing that you’re somewhere you’re not. With this, you can navigate to any channel and get full access to their geo-blocked content. VPNs are the only way to dodge these restrictions and as explained above, the process of setting up a VPN to watch geo-blocked content such as La Liga is incredibly easy and straightforward.

With a VPN, you can access ANY geo-blocked content and not just La Liga. Live sporting events such as the Olympics, Formula 1, and the Premier League, can all be live-streamed from anywhere in the world with the help of a VPN.

What Features Do I Need In A VPN To Stream La Liga?

An ideal VPN for watching geo-blocked content such as La Liga will have its own range of features that will not only unblock region-locked content but will also make the user’s overall streaming experience highly pleasurable. Here are the main features to look out for when choosing a VPN to stream La Liga.

Large Server Network – You’ll want a VPN with a large server network across multiple countries. If a server becomes overcrowded it can impact users’ connection speeds so with more servers available, the user base is spread more thinly. Additionally, some servers may be detected and blocked by a website, so you’ll want to be able to easily switch to a new one. The more servers to choose from, the better.

Fast Connection Speeds – Quantity is important, but not as important as quality. Although having plenty of servers to choose from is great, if all these servers offer slow connection speeds then you won’t have much fun streaming La Liga. You should choose a VPN that is well known for its fast connection speeds as this means you are unlikely to encounter any lag or buffering when streaming.

Unlimited Bandwidth – If you’re planning to tune into every La Liga match, or you just want to stream other content using your VPN, then you don’t want to be faced with any bandwidth or data caps. Some VPN providers (especially free ones) will only offer users a certain amount of bandwidth/data each month whilst others (often the premium options) will have no limits whatsoever. In most cases, it’s best to go with the latter as streaming takes up a lot of data and you can quickly run into any caps. In our opinion, unlimited bandwidth/data is definitely a feature that is worth paying a little extra for.

Top-Quality Security – Top-notch security is an extremely important feature to pay attention to when selecting a VPN, even if you are only planning to stream with it. The internet is full of security risks and third parties who want to collect and sell sensitive user data. Without a VPN, your online activity is completely visible to cybercriminals who can gather important details such as your bank account details, addresses, and passwords. Your devices are also at risk of being unknowingly loaded with malware or viruses. A VPN can block all these potential threats and encrypt your sensitive data to keep it secure and out of the hands of third parties. Look for a VPN that has the standard AES-256 encryption in addition to extra security features such as a kill switch and DNS leak protection.

No-Logs Policy – With a VPN, not even your ISP can see your online activity. However, your VPN provider can technically see every website you visit as well as having access to all this sensitive data that it’s guarding against third parties. This can be considered a breach of privacy and many VPN providers have employed a no-logs policy that declares that they never monitor, collect, or sell their users’ data. It’s wise to opt for a VPN that has an audited no-logs policy so you can be sure that your sensitive information is completely protected and your online privacy is respected.

Reliable Customer Support –  Like all technology, sometimes your VPN may run into some issues, preventing you from accessing geo-blocked content such as La Liga. This can happen for any number of reasons and can often be quickly resolved with the help of customer support. Some VPNs provide users with a 24/7 live chat option, meaning they can get immediate assistance at any time. This is especially important if you’re in a different timezone and don’t want to miss out on any live events.

La Liga 2021/2022 Opening Weekend Fixtures
August 15thAlaves vs Real Madrid
August 15thBarcelona vs Real Sociedad
August 15thCelta Vigo vs Atletico Madrid
August 15thMallorca vs Real Betis
August 15thCadiz vs Levante
August 15thOsasuna vs Espanyol
August 15thSevilla vs Rayo Vallecano
August 15thValencia vs Getafe
August 15thVillarreal vs Granada
August 15thElche vs Athletic Club

How to watch the Spanish La Liga from anywhere 2021

With a VPN, you can watch every La Liga match as 20 fantastic teams battle for the championship title!


What channels are broadcasting La Liga?

Sky Sports (UK), BeIN Sport (USA, Australia, New Zealand), FuboTV (Canada), TDN (Mexico), & DirecTV Sports (Argentina) are all channels that are broadcasting La Liga.

Why is La Liga geo-blocked?

Many live sporting events and other online content are geo-blocked due to licensing agreements or privacy laws, preventing them from being accessed from outside of their respective country.

How do I live stream La Liga from anywhere?

To stream La Liga from anywhere you need to use a VPN as this is the only way to bypass geo-restrictions.

Is it illegal to watch the La Liga online via VPN?

Nope! In most countries, VPNs are completely legal to use and stream with.

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